Reversible Cooling Fans for automatic radiator cleaning and fuel saving

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Advanced pressurised HEPA & Activated Carbon cab air quality systems

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Positive Cab Pressurisation systems with HEPA (P3) filtration

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Engine Air Pre-Cleaners & Pre-Filters for dusty and extreme environments

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Cleanfix reversible cooling fans automatically keep your machines radiators clear of dust and debris for reduced machine down time and increased performance and efficiency.

Clean radiators save time, fuel and money

Engine Air Pre-Cleaners

Extend your engine air filter life with Sy-Klone Pre-Cleaners

From the basic Series 9000 ejective pre-cleaner to the advanced XLR combined powered pre-cleaner and low restriction filter for extreme dust environments Sy-Klone offer 

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RESPA Cab Air Quality Systems

The RESPA-CF and RESPA-CF2 pressurised cab filter systems combine a powered pre-cleaner, HEPA (H13) grade cab filter and cab pressurisation in one compact unit. A cab RESPA system installed by Desert Engineering meets or exceeds most users requirements for a clean and safe operator cab including those working to HSE AG7 and QY11 guidelines.

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Advanced Pressurised Cab Filtration

Heavy duty cab air filtration technology with 3 stage particulate and gas filtering for demanding applications. The BMAir systems supplied and installed by Desert Engineering are available with bespoke filter packages to suit your exact operating conditions and requirements.

With up to 25kg Activated Carbon filter elements and high capacity HEPA filters the BMAir systems supplied and installed by Desert Engineering can handle the most demanding applications.