BMAir cab air quality systems

Innovative pressurised filter systems for operators of mobile equipment

BMAir stands for the cleanest air possible in every polluted mobile work environment. That is a dire necessity. Every day, dozens of machine operators are exposed to hazardous substances, a heavy and unnecessary toll on the body.

BMAir have developed pressurised filter systems for cabins to arrange the cleanest air possible and optimal operator protection.


Positive pressure filtration for complete protection

Your respiratory health is of vital importance. BMAir advanced cab filtration systems are the result of 25 years of innovation and countless technological patents.

Maximum control for maximum safety

BMAir filter control systems are the most advanced of their kind featuring filter recognition technology and cab pressure regulation as standard.

Working more safely in every environment

With a wide range of filter options available, all BMAir systems can be tailored to suit your particular working environment.



The streamlined design makes the BMAir MAO-6HC extremely suitable for mounting on the cabin roof. Nevertheless, the compactness of the system does not come at the expense of its capacity.

BMAir MAO-22

This system protects machine drivers against work activities in the dustiest environments that include high concentrations of gas and vapours.

BMAir MAO-12

Do you carry out work activities in very dusty environments? Dust does not stand a chance against the BMAir MAO-12, partly thanks to the unique and patented vacuum system that sucks air from the bottom of the unit.

BMAir MAO-03 Cab Guard

THE new generation of BMAir products

BMAir MAO-3 Cab Guard

New in the BMAir collection is the MAO-3 Cab Guard with PAC Smart Control. Specially designed for the increasing demand for compact and smart systems.

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