Cleanfix Reversing FanS

Powerful Radiator Cleaning at the push of a button.

Overheating problems from blocked radiators is a thing of the past with the revolutionary Cleanfix Reversing Fan.

Lack of radiator maintenance causes engines and hydraulic systems to overheat. It decreases air conditioning efficiency and can increase fuel consumption. It also wastes valuable horsepower. However, the machine downtime required to manually clean a machines cooling system costs money… a lot of money, in dirty, dusty environments when radiators can block up several times a day.

Cleanfix reversing fan systems solve both problems by automatically keeping radiators clean whilst the machine keeps working. The benefits of this simple but effective solution may be more than you might think!

Reversible Fans for Radiator Cleaning

Redefining Efficient Cooling

Cleanfix Reversing Fan with Variable Pitch Blade Technology

The Cleanfix reversing fan with ‘Thermo-Control’ variable blade pitch system effortlessly matches the performance of the fan to your machines cooling demand. Using robust thermo-cell technology, the fans blade pitch automatically reacts to variations in radiator temperatures. This maintains optimum cooling efficiency at all times.

The unique Cleanfix Thermo-Control system is 100% mechanical in its operation with no requirement for electronic or hydraulic control systems. This makes Cleanfix Thermo-Control the simplest, most reliable system available today.

Mounting directly to an engine pulley using a direct belt drive eliminates the efficiency losses of a hydraulic fan drive. Variable pitch fan blades and full blade reversal technology optimise cooling performance with continuously variable airflow and clean radiators.

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Reduced Machine Downtime

Lower Maintenance Costs

Healthier Machine Operators

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Increased Power Output

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