Case Study: XLR Real World Performance

Published On:

September 25, 2020

The Cat 836K Landfill Compactor showed amazing results after the installation of the RESPA XLR Powered Pre-cleaner. A 16x filter life increase was achieved after installation.

  • Location:  Topeka, Kansas, USA.
  • Machine: Caterpillar 836K Compactor.
  • Environment: Landfill.
  • Results: Filter life was increased 16x more than the filter life without the XLRs.

Before XLR installation:
The customer was running this machine on a landfill site and struggling with the Tier 4 engines design and its high initial restriction when combined with a standard pre-cleaner. Because the Tier 4’s design, there is a reduction of in the use of scavenger air to effectively run the factory fitted pre-cleaner. The initial restriction was 24 inches of restriction. Because the filter was changed when the level of restriction reached 25 inches of water, the customer received an average of 29 hours of filter life.  It was also noted that the cover to the air filter housing seals was leaking, adding to the ineffectiveness of the filtration.

After Triple XLR installation:
The restriction was greatly decreased to 11 inches of restriction upon install.  The filter was not changed until it reached 25 inches of restriction which was after 477 hours of run time.  The leakage in the filter housing was corrected, as well.

Customer’s Response:
“Sy-Klone really know what they are doing with engine precleaning. The XLRs work very well to separate the debris out of the airflow.  The inlet screen does not plug and all we do is just change the OEM filter as required.  I am impressed with how well these work.”


  • Filter life increased from an average of 29 hours to 477 hrs.
  • The initial restriction was reduced from 24” of restriction to 11” of restriction.
  • The customer was completely satisfied.

The RESPA- XLR system is available in the UK from Desert Engineering to suit most machine makes and models.