What makes a Cleanfix Fan???

Published On:

September 25, 2020

Our Cleanfix reversing fan systems are now commonplace on machines in many industries all over the world but have you ever wondered what goes into making a Cleanfix fan?

Our friends at Cleanfix have released a new series videos that highlight the bespoke technology that is used in the production and quality control processes that make Cleanfix fans the number one choice for machine manufacturers and end-users alike.

Take a look at the following video series to see the precision engineering that goes into every Cleanfix fan.

Injection Moulding Process
Injection moulding is used in the production of the fan blades and control unit housings. This process is key to ensure the strength and durability of the fan blades in particular.

Greasing Robot
Greasing a production fan hub sounds simple right???? Not if you want consistent, repeatable results every time, time after time for thousands of fans every year.

Fan Blade Assembly Machine
In order to manufacture thousands of high-quality Cleanfix fans every year, precision automation is required in the production process. The fan blade assembly robot is the perfect example of where cutting-edge technology helps Cleanfix maintain their exceptional build quality and traceability.

End of Line Fan Test Station
As the world leader in reversible pitch fan design and manufacturing, Cleanfix go to great lengths to ensure the quality of their products. That’s why every single fan that leaves the factory is individually tested and logged to ensure it meets Cleanfix exceptionally high standards.

Electro Testing Station
A reversible cooling fan is only as good as its control system so Cleanfix put the same level of care and attention to detail into the production of their fan control units.